Paradise Kennels Luxury Dog Resort Calgary



All active healthy trained dogs receive 8 to 12 hours of exercise a day!

Paradise Kennels is lucky enough to have a large, natural off-leash dog park that is fully fenced! Our spacious property, with pond access, provides ample opportunity for your dog to run, play & swim. Your dog will be able to enjoy at least 2 – 3 off-leash walks every day with a combination of playing and swimming in the summer. They will enjoy these activities with other dogs that have been carefully selected to match your dog’s unique personality.  All dogs are separated according to size, age and temperament so everyone is safe in their group of likeminded dogs of the same size!

*Only dogs that have been properly trained and listen will enjoy our off leash walks.


After each walk, we take the dogs into our 16,000 sq/ft fenced-in play area or, if the weather is uncooperative, into our beautifully decorated 1,600 sq/ft heated indoor facility to play. This includes; socialization play-groups with other dogs, playing tug, fetch and splashing in the doggie pools or relaxing under the sun and shade decks. All dogs are put into groups according to their size, temperament and energy level. So puppies and older dogs do not get run over by larger happy dogs.

This means: Your dog will receive a minimum of 8 – 12 hours of play time, walks and socialization per day, with little or no kennel time!


Please go to our gallery page to see our beautiful walking paths and large grassy field in our private fenced-in, off-leash dog park as well as our charming natural pond.


Pictured below is our 16,000 sq/ft fenced-in outdoor play area for socializing, playing and relaxing after long walks. Each yard provides ample space for all the dogs to be in their own carefully selected play groups. You can see our large outdoor play areas are equipped with sun and shade decks, splash pools and lovely trees to lounge under & play around during the day. There are also several refinished authentic cast iron fire hydrants in each area for the dogs to … well you know.


 After all the playing, wrestling, walking and swimming our dogs enjoy, it is understandable that they might get somewhat dirty. Each dog* will receive a bath, blow-dry and a light brushing in our beautiful custom-made bathtub. Also, if your dog needs his nails cut, it is our pleasure to ensure their nails are trimmed down, also free of charge. Our goal is to have your dog go home looking and feeling fresh, tired and happy.

Please note, that even though we do a wonderful job of sending your dog home clean, this service in no way replaces regular grooming! If your dog requires grooming services above and beyond the nail clipping, quick bath and light brushing, please see our grooming page for more services.

*Dogs who are aggressive or uncomfortable in the tub will NOT receive the complimentary bath or nail clipping.


This is a typical day for the dogs and you can see how much exercise they get and of course how much fun they have.
We have a 14 hour day, much longer than any other dog boarding facility !!!
(times may vary)

7:00am – Outside potty and play
7:30am – Breakfast
8:00am – Walk and/or playtime
10:00am – Nap time if needed
12:00pm – 5:30 – Walks and/or playtime
5.30pm – Dinner time
6:00pm – Walk and/or playtime
8:00pm – Playtime groups outside
9:00pm – Bed and biscuit – Good night

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